Nail Enhancement

Acrylic (Full Set) $35 +
Acrylic (Fill In) $25 +
Pink and White (Full Set) $55 +
Pink and White (Fill In) $45 +
Liquid Gel (Full Set) $47 +
Liquid Gel (Fill In) $32 +
Dipping Powder $45 +

The next generation in nail enhancement technology is also known as SNS, dipping powder is a durable yet more flexible formula that allows for a more natural finish on the nails.

Addition: *Nails cut, shape change, length will be an additional charge

*No-chip gel polish is additional $15 with any nail enhancing service.


NO-CHIP GEL POLISH is additional $15 with any manicure service.
Classic Manicure $20 

A precise manicure with trimmed cuticle, nails shaped, lotion massage and finished with the polish of your choice

Therapeutic Manicure $30 

Classic manicure followed by soaking hands in warm paraffin wax for a boost of moisture and improvements in circulation.

Deluxe Manicure $40 

Included classic manicure with a fresh citrus exfoliating scrub, scented hand mask, hot towel wrap, and paraffin treatment

Additional Services

Nail / Toes Regular Polish Change $12 / $15
Nail / Toes Gel Polish Change $23 / $28
Nail Design $5 +
Nail / Toes Fix $10 
Nail Enhancement Removal $15 


NO-CHIP GEL POLISH is additional $15 with any pedicure service.
Basic Pedicure $31 

Quick pedicure service with nails trimmed, cuticle care, a scrub, hot towel and polish of your choice.

Therapeutic $40 

Classic pedicure followed by soaking feet in warm paraffin wax for a boost of moisture and improvements in circulation.


Thermo-Therapeutic $45 

A combination of therapeutic pedicure and hot stones. Relieves stressed and tight muscles, promoting an overall sense of well-being. It uses heat therapy massage and aromatherapy to soothe sore leg and feet muscles.

Deluxe Pedicures $45 

Basic pedicure with a scent scrubs, mask, and hot stone


Skin Brightener, Reduces Signs Of Aging


Reduce anxiety, Emotional Stress Reliever

Luxurious Pedicures

Marine $55 

Treat yourself to an experience of ocean-inspired bliss. Being both cooling and refreshing for the skin, this pedicure leaves a memorable event. The key component, peppermint is known for its antifungal properties and effectiveness against anxiety and restlessness.

Bamboo Charcoal $55 

The charcoal detox is made from activated charcoal that draws toxins off the skin to combat skin troubles. With this, you’ll achieve healthy feeling feet that emits a naturally flawless complexion.

Coffee $55 

While the main objective of this is to leave your skin silky soft, mineral enriched and moisturized, the coffee and coconut oil in this beauty recipe are rich In antioxidants to help achieve better blood circulation and stimulate skin cells for a great anti-aging treatment. Caffeine is believed to tighten skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Tropical $60 

A step up from the citrus pedicure, this famous concoction allows the skin to renew itself with perfect exfoliation to leave the skin soft and smooth. It truly is a sweet treat for your feet.

Herbal Green Tea $60 

Truly one of the most well-known ingredients on skin care is green tea because of its benefits and restorative properties. Used for centuries in ancient cultures, it aids in creating a youthful look and healthier skin while fighting against signs of aging.

Cucumber $60 

Due to its cooling assets, cucumber has been renowned for its relief to healthy moisturize skin. The blissful indulgence is kindled by refreshing cucumber segments.

Milk & Honey $65 

Colagen Booster, Creates a Glowing Complexion, Skin Soothing

Lemongrass & Green Tea $68 

Stress Reducer, Sleep Aid, Muscle Relaxer, Aromatherapeutic

Kid Service

(Under 10)
Polish Change Nails & Toes $7 / $8

(Regular Polish)

Polish Change Nails & Toes (Gel) $17 / $23
Manicure & Pedicure (Regular) $12 / $23
Manicure & Pedicure (Gel) $22 / $33


Eyebrows $12 +
Lips $10 +
Chin $12 +
Chin & Neck $17 +
Sideburns $15 +
Full Face $40 +
Underarms $25 +
Below Arm $40 +
Full Arm $50 +
Back or Chest $45 +
Bikini Line $45 +
Brazilian $65 +
Half Legs $50 +
Full Legs $70 +

Eyelashes Extension

(Must Have Pre-Made Appointment)
Clusters $40 
Individual (Single)  
Individual (Volume)  
Eyebrow Tint $15 
Eyelash Tint $25 
Eyelash Lift Up $65 

Group Event

Birthdays, baby showers, bridal...
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